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Case Studies

We have several case studies for you to read about our real solutions

Improved Cylinder Duty Cycle
A coke plant was spending in excess of $500,000 / year in hydraulic cylinder repair and had been previously trying to reduce repair cost by pursuing vendors with a low cost repair philosophy. The combination of high heat and coke dust created an environment that is one of the most challenging in any industry.

Improved System Performance and Dependability
A critical piece of production equipment (so critical that on board inline spares were included) had undergone a remanufacture and redesign. System malfunction and dependability problems had gone unresolved for over a year delaying production and causing lost opportunity. The original vendor, consulting engineering companies and the internal engineering department had been unable to resolve the problem. Any solution was complicated by the explosion proof requirements of the application and heightened safety concerns due to the inherent danger of the manufacturing process.

Emergency Troubleshooting & Retrofit of Obsolete 60" Roll Lathe
A Midwestern steel industry manufacturer’s roll lathe stopped working. The lathe was critical to the operation of the hot mill and further downtime was not acceptable. The situation was further complicated by lack of current hydraulic and electrical diagrams. The lathe manufacturer had not been in business for over 20 years. The lathe had undergone a previous automation retrofit and the prints were incomplete and the vendor was no longer in operation. Many components were obsolete.

Retrofit Locomotive Engine
A Midwestern manufacturer was using a locomotive to transfer a highly conductive material in an environment where ambient temperatures commonly reached 130+ F. The average duty cycle of the generator and drive motors was 4-6 hours. The customer was spending over $1,000,000 / year in replacement generator and drive motor parts alone. A crew of three worked 7 days a week 10-12 hours per day removing and replacing failed components. The environment was such that a hydraulic drive system was considered as an option, but duty cycle was still a concern due to the environment.

Designed Marine Hydrostatic Prop Drive
Existing mechanical prop drive systems have limitations which include: Mechanical drive systems are inherently inefficient, Engine placement is fixed, High knots require high engine RPM, Low speed docking maneuvers are accomplished with plugging (bumping) the mechanical transmission in and out, Finding the “sweet spot” where engine torque, RPM and fuel economy coincide is nearly impossible.

Car Shredder Retrofit
A scrap processing company’s whole car shredder was experiencing continuous overload, causing downtime and damage to the 1000 Hp drive motor. They had been quoted a solution costing over $125,000 and taking 7-10 working days to install.

Scrap Shear Retrofit
A scrap processing company’s scrap shear was experiencing much down time and components were continually failing. The shear manufacturer was no longer in business and no prints were available.

Security Gate System Retrofit
A newly installed (by manufacturer) hydraulic security gate system (7 gate locations) was experiencing repeated failures (2-3 day duty cycle), creating terrible traffic backups. The manufacturer’s and the customer’s relationship was terminated. The customer was left with a multimillion dollar system that was not dependable and the existing bill of materials contained substitute part numbers that made component procurement very difficult and very expensive.

Caster Segment Clamping Cylinder Upgrade
An electric arc furnace steel processor was experiencing hydraulic cylinder failure on the segment clamp circuit. New cylinders were failing in 3-8 weeks.

Main Caster Hydraulic System Retrofit
An electric arc furnace steel processor wanted to Reduce the time of the charging / tapping cycle, Provide for emergency power during an outage, Increase the system pressure capabilities, Improve component duty cycle.

Dummy Bar Disconnect Cylinder Upgrade
A steel processor was experiencing hydraulic cylinder failure on the caster dummy bar disconnect cylinder. Failures were so common and repair times so lengthy that three spares were required for one operating unit.